• 1817 – establishment of the first Methodist Church in Toronto
  • 1834 – establishment of the first Congregational Church in Toronto; 16 families begin worshiping in Market Lane (now Colborne Street) between Market and Church
  • 1837 – establishment of the first United Presbyterian Church in Toronto
  • 1840 – Congregational Church moves to the northwest corner of Bay & Richmond
  • 1849 – creation of Second Congregational Church by 25 families opposed to slavery; begin worshiping in a former Methodist church on Hospital Street (now Richmond) between Yonge and Bay
  • 1853Second United Presbyterian Church is formed as an offshoot of Bay Street United Presbyterian Church
  • 1857Second United Presbyterian moves to Gould and Victoria to become Gould Street Presbyterian Church
  • 1863Second Congregational moves to Dundas (then called Cruikshank) and Bond to become Bond Street Congregational Church
  • 1865 – fire in the Gould Street basement results in extensive renovation work
  • 1877Bond Street tears down its church and moves into a bigger building at the same location two years later
  • 1878Gould Street moves to Gerrard Street and become St. James Square Presbyterian
  • 1887Bond Street builds a church school wing to the east side of the building
  • 1914 – Charles Forth obtains signatures of 20 men on a petition to establish a Methodist church in the Bedford Park neighbourhood
  • 1915Bedford Park Methodist Church is formed; meets in the Bedford Park Hotel
  • 1916 – Ladies Aid Society is formed at Bedford Park
  • 1920 – Rev. Philip Jourdan becomes Bedford Park’s first full-time minister (dies 1 year later)
  • 1920Bedford Park buys property on Fairlawn Avenue and builds a small white frame church on what is today’s church parking lot
  • 1920Bond Street establishes a mission church to the east of the city in Birchcliff
  • 1921 – Rev. Robert Irwin becomes Fairlawn’s second minister (for 4 years)
  • 1924Bedford Park erects a brick building to the west of the frame church, calling it Fairlawn Avenue Methodist Church. It is the centre part of today’s church
  • 1925 – The United Church of Canada is created; churches become Fairlawn United, Bond United and St. James Square United
  • 1925 – Rev. Henry Partridge becomes Fairlawn’s third minister (for 6 years)
  • 1928Bond  moves to Avenue & Willowbank
  • 1929St. James merges with Bond to become St. James-Bond United
  • 1931 – Rev. C.C. Washington becomes Fairlawn’s fourth minister (for 7 years)
  • 1934 – Fairlawn adds sections to each side of the original sanctuary, installs pews and an organ acquired from Eglinton United
  • 1938 – Rev. Elmer Sinclair becomes Fairlawn’s fifth minister (for 3 years)
  • 1942 – Rev. George Trimble becomes Fairlawn’s sixth minister (for 18 years)
  • 1947 – creation of Armour Heights United Church
  • 1951 – Armour Heights doubles its space with a new addition
  • 1952 – Fairlawn adds wings to the east and west sides of the building and installs the current Casavant organ
  • 1952 – creation of Wilson Heights United Church
  • 1960 – Rev. Richard Davidson becomes Fairlawn’s seventh minister (for 8 years)
  • 1968 –  Wilson Heights joins Armour Heights United Church
  • 1968 – Rev. Alan McCuaig becomes Fairlawn’s eighth minister (for 6 years)
  • 1975 – Rev. Dr. George Birtch becomes Fairlawn’s ninth minister (for 5 years) following the death of Rev. McCuaig
  • 1980 – Rev. Frank Meadows becomes Fairlawn’s 10th minister (for 8 years)
  • 1989 – Rev. Charles Miller becomes Fairlawn’s 11th minister (for 13 years)
  • 1989 – amalgamation of Fairlawn and Armour Heights, to create Fairlawn Heights United Church
  • 1996 – the west wing is renovated and expanded to help accommodate the Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre
  • 2003 – Rev. David Lander becomes Fairlawn’s 12th minister (for 7 years)
  • 2003 – Rev. Cynthia Stretton becomes Fairlawn’s 13th minister (for 6 years)
  • 2005 – amalgamation of Fairlawn Heights and St. James-Bond to create Fairlawn Avenue United Church
  • 2009 – Rev. Stephen Iverson becomes Fairlawn’s 14th minister (for 1 year)
  • 2010 – Rev. Christopher White becomes Fairlawn’s 15th minister

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